Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

Step 1
(A) Seek CVs from our Data Bank
  • Process time: 7 days from receipt of inquiry
  • Short-listing CVs / Trade test formalities
    Process time; 3 days
  • Documentation of CVs
    Process time: 3 days
  • Send documents to client for approval
(B) Release of advertisement, if data bank CV’s are insufficient
  • Receive application through advertisement released
    Processing time: 2 days
  • Short listing & preliminary interview by Selection Panel
    Process time 5-6 days
  • Trade test formalities
    Process time: 7 days from receipt of applications
  • Documentation of short-listed candidates
    Process time: 2 days after completion of Preliminary interviews
  • Send Documents (CV) to Client for Approval
    Process time: 4 days.

Step 2

  • Receipt of short listed candidate’s list from the Client

Step 3

  • Prepare schedule for interviews if client wishes to interview or else the list as in “step 2” above will be considered as final selection list

Step 4

  • Final interviews with client if required

Step 5

  • List of selected candidates released ( in case of client interview)
    Process time: 3 days from final interview

Step 6

  • Proceeding with the Deployment Process
    Process time: Subject to client’s instruction

Step 7

  • Final interviews with client if required